Is capital punishment an act which seeks revenge rather than one which seeks social justice

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Arguments claiming to support capital punishment in particular revenge social justice.

Argument against capital punishment include:

: It is revengeful barbaric cruel degrading uncivilized

: Does not correlate with a reduction in crime

: Basic violation of human rights ethical and moral values

: Capital punishment is expensive

:Discriminately selective on focus [rich poor black white]

: Law can make mistakes rushed judgement

: The evidence supplyed might not be fair

: Offenders may have the chance to rehabilitation

: The past dosent always equal the future.

Argument for capital punishment include :

: Positive detterent effect balance the scales of justice

: A life for a life tit for tat

: Provides peace of mind for victims of crime and thier families

: Gives value to victims life without placing dllar rights upon them

:Best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour ie a murderer then is unlikely to murder again swo execution presents future murders

: Capital punishment is less cruel than prolonged sentence in prison

: Murder violent crimes devastating loss no compensation comparable

: More accurate forensic material and technology more accurate sentencing.

Summary :

Our democracy is decieded on societies strong view points that determine outcomes of laws legilations. There is a place for capital punishment and judgements should be made not only on the crime but on individual merit. Personal grief loss leads to change in attitude in relation to capital punishment. The question does capital punishment seek revenge rather than social justice is an explosive debatable argument due to the sensitivity of the topic there cannot be a unified argument one way or another.