Capital punishment - against the dealth penalty.

Essay by celtic1888 October 2005

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"Should we bring back capital punishment?" this statement is a very controversial topic throughout the world. Many people around the world consider themselves as civilised people and no civilized person wants to see another one die. Sure, all the town square executions are over but nowadays the technology is just remarkable and new technology has introduced ways to kill quickly.

Many people are in favour of capital punishment. They argue that surely criminals who were committing these crimes would reconsider if they knew they themselves could end up dead. Also if they were not killed then once there jail sentence is over they could come out and re-offend. It is also an advantage as if they were killed then it would not cost the tax payers as much as it does to keep the criminals in jail. If the criminals were killed then this couldn't be used as a deterrent and many other people would think twice for committing a crime.

There are always crimes so disturbing that we feel the current punishment is just not enough. I feel that is it unfair that a common house thief receives that same amount punishment as a murderer, on the murderer receives a longer imprisonment. To think, prisons have come along way since olden day dungeons that criminals were held in hundreds of years ago. Nowadays prisons are not exactly a harsh place to live and we could possible say that the murderers don't deserve minimum quality of life. People in prison in Britain have a better quality of life that those in Third World countries.

Yet there are many reasons why capital punishment shouldn't be allowed. Firstly if we kill a person because the police think they have enough evidence then surely they are no better then the murderers...