Capital Punishment - Facts, Methods and Opinions

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Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with criminal intent. In today's world, terrible crimes are committed everyday. Many believe that these criminals deserve one and only one fate: death. Capital punishment, better know as the death penalty, is the maximum sentence used to punishing those who killed another human being. In most states, a person which committed a first degree murder could to be given the death penalty. The death penalty could also be used to punish those who committed treason or rape. In some countries, it also includes thief.

There are different methods to carry out executions. While most of the ways are humane, there are also some rather cruel ways to carry out an execution, mainly used in Islamic and Muslim countries.

Hanging is one of the ways. It is a humane way if the free-fall distance is measured correctly, as death comes quick after the neck is broken.

But if the distance is not great enough, then the criminal would be slowly strangled to death.

Electric chair is a rather common way in the United States. It does not cost much to execute a criminal in such way, although no one knows what they experience before they eventually die from the electric shock.

The lethal injection is another common way to execute in the Stares. There are 3 steps in the process. The first step, Pentothal would be injected in order to make the criminal unconscious. After, pancuronium bromide would be injected to stop the criminal’s breath, which would also paralyze him. Then the criminal’s heart would stop beating after potassium chloride is injected. If the dosage is correct, then no pain should be felt, therefore it is a humane...