Capital Punishment: Just or Unjust?

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Capital Punishment is defined in the Webster's Dictionary as the death penalty. "Capital" refers to a person's head because people were executed by severing their head from their body in the past. Capital punishment is a controversial issue that will be talked about forever because it is a past and current issue. Currently, lethal injection is the form most prisoners choose when it comes to dying procedures because it is by far the most painless method. The United States is one of the very few economically developed nations in the world which still practices the execution of criminals. The United States is the only country which executes child murderers, mentally ill persons, and persons with very low IQ.

For some odd reason, it is mainly southern states which continue to execute people. During 2002, 61 of 71 executions were located in the Southern states. Only California, Ohio, and Missouri are the three states that executed convicts outside of the South.

These facts are telling everyone to stay out of the south, do not go there unless you want to die.

Since 1973, 102 people on death row have been freed after having been proven innocent by DNA evidence. About 55 to 60% of Americans would prefer to keep the execution system the United States is using. That means there is still 40% of the United States that wants to do away with the death penalty, most likely because of wrong accusations or because they think it is just too violent.

They suspended the death penalty from 1972-1976, so scientists could gather information and statistics. That is not the only reason, mainly because everyone thought it was cruel and unusual punishment, but murdering an innocent victim is what I consider cruel and unusual punishment.

Each year, they execute about 35 people...