‘Capital punishment is the only real way to deter potential criminals’ Discuss and evaluate how introducing capital punishment fulfills the aims of criminal sanctions.

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Liam O'Shea

'Capital punishment is the only real way to deter potential criminals' Discuss and evaluate how introducing capital punishment fulfils the aims of criminal sanctions.

We read stories of ancient times where grand armies march and conquer vast lands, killing thousands of inhabitants and executing their leaders in front of the masses. These events to us seem medieval and brutal; however we only need to go a certain distance to find these events in real life, a reality to many. Capital punishment is the legal practice of lawfully taking someone's life, a practice that is performed by 58 countries. However, one must look at recidivism rates and understand the difference between a country that performs this practice and a country that does not in order to find whether or not this practice is effective in deterring criminals and fulfilling criminal sanctions which has the aim of rehabilitating the criminal in order to rid them of criminal inducing activities for the outside world.

On top of this, one too needs to consider the rights of the prisoner through examples from around the world.

The last execution performed in Australia was in 1967 for the hanging of Ronald Ryan at Pentridge for the murder of a gaol guard during a botched escape. The trial of the matter was highly debated throughout the country, and with what many considered insufficient evidence, Ryan was sentenced to death. This ultimately led to the protests and campaigns that lead to the abolition of the practice of capital punishment in Victoria, then the official abolition of capital punishment for all crimes in Australia in 1973 in accordance with the Death Penalty Abolition Act 1973. The United States however have been lawfully taking the lives of criminals away since the formation of the New World, however, during...