Is capital punishment an option.

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How should we deal with violent criminals in society? Is capital punishment an option? Discuss.

In this essay, I will be discussing, both the pros and the cons of capital punishment and I will be comparing crime rates in the United Kingdom, who don't have capital punishment any more and the US who do in most states. Capital Punishment has been recognized as a civilized way of disposing of the worst criminals by most countries. Slowly countries that claim it is uncivilized to kill people for crimes they have committed have abolished the death penalty.

There are strong arguments for and against the use of the death penalty in a society that claims to be civilized and in this essay I will talk about them. I will also look at the impact of the death penalty on crime figures in Britain before and after 1965, when it was abolished and in the USA today.

One of the main arguments against the death penalty was that it is unreasonable to ask someone else to kill someone for their crimes thus making them a murderer. Some of the main crimes punishable by death in the US are murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping and grand theft auto.

There is an argument that capital punishment decreases the number of murders. Although in the US, there is six times the amount of murders than in Britain, the number of homicides in the US is declining rapidly whereas the amount of murders in Britain is rising, which does show that there could be a connection between the option of being executed and the amount of people willing to take the risk and commit a crime.

Another reason many people are against capital punishment is that many people are wrongly excused of a crime and then later...