Capital punishment- The safe alternative.

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Should capital punishment be re-introduced in Australia?

Capital punishment places a value on human life; it says, in essence, "If you take a life, yours will be forfeited." In this case one would ask, is this fair? This essay will attempt to show that this is not only fair but also that the death penalty is the best way to punish criminals for their brutal and savage crimes. Capital punishment should be brought back into Australia. Capital punishment is the execution of criminals by the state, for committing heinous crimes such as rape and murder. Capital punishment has been imposed for such serious crimes as armed robberies, murder, kidnappings, rape, and treason. The truth is the death penalty is the most effective form of punishment for those crimes. In today's world, terrible crimes are being committed daily. Many believe that the criminals deserve one fate: death.

There are many advantages to the death penalty.

One is, A Means of Cleaning up the World. Capital punishment, or the execution of a criminal, was once a common activity throughout the world. It became ordinary in the Middle- Ages and was inflicted for a large number of crimes. Now, in the US and other such countries, the death penalty is given mostly to murderers or rapists. The capital punishment is a mean of making space in Australia's jails. Brutal crimes, should be punished severely, in most cases the death penalty is the best answer. Jails in Australia are over-crowded; sentencing the death penalty to the barbaric criminals will make the room, which is needed.

The death penalty is the only way to make sure that our streets are safe. What would happen if a murderer finished his or her sentence and was let out of jail, only to kill again?...