Capital Punishment Should Be Brought Back as it is the Only Way to Prevent Serious Crimes

Essay by saad666 February 2005

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Murders are everywhere these days. Many of the murderers are also caught but they are not treated, as they should be.

For example, if there is a murder in England. He kills two people. The person is arrested, and the court says that he should be in prison for 20 years. Although the person is in pain during this period but he does not realize what wrong he has done and still the bad person is in him/her. After 20 years or even before 20 years he would be allowed to leave prison due to his behaviour. However, when he goes out he is going to start it again. Moreover, other people like him/her will start murdering and will just have to go to prison for 20 years or so. Therefore, this will increase gradually because their lives will not go but other people will. More and more people will start to do it.

If this happens in the presence of capital punishment, the murderer has to die and also on the other side people like the murderer will also stop because now not only the victims life will go but also their lives.

On the other side if you look at the victims side, his or her family or relatives. What effect will have this have on them? That is also going to be unfair with them.

My opinion about this is that capital punishment should be everywhere. Everybody should be treated as they treat others. No body should harm any other for their own benefit. In addition, if a psychopath does that he should be not treated like that and be in his right place (mental hospital). I think crimes can only be stopped by severe treatment. 303 words.