Capital punishment should be legalized

Essay by hoffee November 2004

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Capital punishment is a harsh but necessary form of justice. In some circumstances, which

can be detailed, it is the only punishment that fits the crime. It is even historically validated. It

should be sustained and more effectively pursued. It can properly punish the criminals, may

deter the crime, and remove future possible threat from our society. Some crimes are terrible,

some people commit such atrocities that it is even hard to write about it. The capital

punishment can remove individuals who threaten the lives of our citizens. During serving

lifetime sentence in prison many things may happen. In some cases prisoners can escape and

be a great danger to the society, they can be very serious because they feel they have nothing

to loose. Another case is that lifetime sentence can be shortened because of appeals and

revisions after twenty or so years. And after serving his time the criminal is loose on the

streets again.

For some of them freedom is a temptation to repeat their actions. We must

prevent such things from happening. We will all feel safer when the worst evildoers will pay

the highest price for their crimes. Obviously, life is every person's most precious possession.

It is a thing that almost no one is willing to give away. So what about those who take

someone's life for profit, from envy, rage or any other negative emotion? One of our rules that

we learn even in kindergarten is "an eye for an eye"; it is even written in the Holy Scripture.

So what punishment is fit for taking someone's life? The only answer is death penalty.