Capital Punishment: How We Can Improve

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Daniel Frank was the first one in the history of America to be legally put to death for a crime. He was put to death in 1622 for theft in Virginia. Capital punishment was used by all countries at time or another. Many countries have completely stopped using the death penalty all together. There are other countries that only use this method of punishment during wartime or extremely serious situations. To this day Capital Punishment is still used, but probably not as much as it should be used.

The first form of capital punishment was by hanging the person. The State of Vermont removed the cities and counties power to enforce capital punishment because some judges were abusing the power given to them. These judges were known as “hanging judges.” Near the end of the nineteenth century electricity was becoming more and more popular. The court system started using the electric chair instead of the hanging method.

Thanks to new technology, almost everyone who receives the death penalty is put to death by lethal injection. The states use this method because people see it as a more humane method of death than electrocution.

Capital Punishment has not always been under control of the states. Throughout the years Capital Punishment has been under many limitations, and they only seem to be growing. In 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights limits who and how the death penalty can be used. It protects juveniles, pregnant women, and the elderly proclaiming a “right to life” doctrine.

With crime rates rising and more people being put in jail, there is almost no room to hold any more criminals in jail. There have been many restrictions put on the death penalty, and...