Capitalism in mass media

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Capitalism in mass media - E.W.

"Media are special because of the uniqueness of the product the business deals in. The commodity the media business sells is our most precious: news, opinion and ideas." (Chadwick 1989:221) Capitalism and its values are nurtured within the mass media. Popular American films have carefully targeted particular markets to sell the idea of a successful capitalist system. Competition, progression (, technology) and economic rationalism are some of the components that become visible when critically analysing these films. These themes often go unnoticed when there is an emotional narrative to carry the plot, and they appear as a natural aspect of the narrative when they surface. In my analysis, I will be discussing capitalist values and the role of democracy in the media.

The film "You've Got Mail" uses themes such as technology and competition in conjunction with romance, naturalising some of capitalism's values into the character's lifestyle.

The use of the Internet and competing businesses combine to create the story between the main characters. They have two relationships: their anonymous romantic Internet relationship and as rival business owners. As the outcome is reached, we understand that competition and technology are not important to the relationship, when the two meet. It is the emotions (such as love) that overcome any capitalist values that may have affected what was in each characters best interest. In this case, the attention is drawn away from the business aspect of the relationship as if it were the focus; capitalism would be portrayed in a negative light.

The film is aimed at 20-35 yr old females, using unrealistic visions of a compassionate world, where financial profit does not conquer all. The narrative of the developing relationship between the main characters is the focus of the film. The genre "romantic...