How Capitalist Structure has Failed Us?

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Mathew Manos

Economics 101

Prof. Konits

May 4,2004

How Capitalist Structure has Failed Us?

Market forces in the United States, in my understanding, have always developed the relationship between humans and their environment. I have found it is an awful task to consider the history of such a long and complicated relationship. In all truth, market force can be considered as anything that drives our means of consumption and our economy as a whole, and from this point of view, they can be seen as existing. So, instead of starting at the beginning, I will instead focus on the relationship between humans and nature from the start of what I see as the beginning of the end. The capitalist economy's history, when viewed in light of man's entire existence, has been rather short, it has managed to strike much of the world into a very new and destructive relationship with the Earth's natural resources.

While the changes that capitalism has brought about have been slow to evolve, it is a system that has deeply changed much more than the marketplace and which has forever altered the world. In this paper, I intend to explain how the core concepts of the capitalist economy have lead the world into ecological disaster.

There are many structures on which capitalism is built on and a few of the most core principles are the ones that are most destructive. For example individualism, efficiency, profit maximization and consumerism can be found at the heart of many of the most damaging practices of today's world. Since they are the capitalist marketplace, they are very pervasive and have become widespread. Individualism is a new development in our social structure and one that has left a very deep impression. While capitalism did not spring up overnight, the period...