"A Capitalistic Sales Pitch" this magazine review paper about a car ad

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A Capitalistic Sales Pitch

Newsweek Magazine is aimed at the middle class individual and incorporates articles of current social, political, and war issues involving the United States. The August 2003 issue introduces an advertisement for Brand Spankin Used, a dealership that sells certified pre-owned Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles. Furthermore, the ad appeals to the lower to middle class person who has a longing to be cool, impressive, and modern. Evidently, the ad's purpose is to persuade the purchase of a vehicle from Brand Spankin Used. It fulfills its task by using several major elements; layout, artwork, and language.

The layout is the first crucial part of the ad. The upper left hand corner of the page has two words of average size print to attract the readers attention right away. Below is an image of a discount auto outlet. The image is separated by two bars in order to get the reader to focus on the image after the two words of print.

The image is complimentary to the print above. On the upper center part of the page, two average sized words of print and three large sized words are imposed. The three large words are used to get the reader to focus in that direction because right below, a nice, shiny, clean car appears. The background of the car perceives to be distorted, suggesting the car is in motion at a fast speed. Above the car to the right are six short lines of small print. The six lines of print have the effect to make the purchase of a car from Brand Spankin Used more graceful. Three lines of print appear below the car. The first line contains bold print that is larger than the other two. The boldness of the first line attracts the...