Captial Punishment

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The justification of capital punishment has been an on going debate for quite sometime. As in the case of any argument theirs two sides too each argument. In this particular argument "society's self defense" essay by Amber Young the opposed battle the idea of capital punishment and think that overall its unjust and falls under cruel and unusual punishment.

Amber Young's evaluations on the issue of capital punishment reaches out to everyone and leave a trembling thought in ones mind. The thought or picture left is the number of helpless innocent victims that were brutally killed by Ted Bundy. This picture alone lets one feel no pity or remorse for Ted bundy. This essay clearly refutes the opposed arguments and brings in evidence to support her reasoning. The majority of her arguments are strong though in some of her reason's there could be a stronger persuasive voice in convincing the readers one way or the other.

In examining the death penalty, this particular argument is trying to justify the death penalty through the case of Ted Bundy; Young uses good evidence and support giving a particular example of what happened when the death penalty was not in order. Young claims that Bundy had escaped twice from prison. From Bundys escape he was able to rape and murder six innocent victims, not including the previous thirty-two victims. If Bundy was only sentenced to death at least six people's lives could have been saved.(32-33) Young then furthers her reasoning showing the loop holes in the judicial system explaining that if he is not sentenced to death he still has the possible means of either escaping again, or even the possibilities of parole. This appeals to the safety of our people and questions are true safety even if Bundy is behind...