Car Accidents And Cellular Phones

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Cellular phones and Car Accidents In today's time cellular phones have impacted the amounts accidents.

While using cellular phones are not aware of consequences. With the Blink of an eye car accidents can occur. Although the usage of cellular phones is popular people fail to examine the aftermath.

Cellular phones are very important to the society and causes people to purchase them. Peer pressure is a big issue in this topic. Most people buy cellular phones because everyone they know has a cellular phone. The popularity of cellular phones are very good .Reseacher said"Telephones are not required for drivers to use"(Cellphone1)Another thing is that Cellular phones make the people look more fashionable. In addtion Cellular phones are so convenient people use them for certain reasons. Some people use them for emergencies."Americans have essentially total freedom"(Celllphones1).For instance , if their house telephones gets cut off and someone is trying to rob their home they will have a cell phone.

Another thing is if the person car breaks down they will have a way to get contact with the person to come get them or the car."While guadruples risk then there would be problems.(Cellphones 2) Even though Cellular phones accure accidents also have effects.Cellular phones causes accidents while talking on the phone whole driving ."While most people are not yet ready to say that cell phones usage causes accidents"(Grisser,Gene 2).First of all people do not pay attention while driving. Secondly,if the driver drop the phone then you can't reach your phone."The person who drifted out out of their lane and almost hit car the woman was driving 65 miles per hour."(Grisser1)Some employers are basically banned for using cellular phones ."Employers have certain accidents that have policies that have possible accidents"(Worker1) Some workers are likely to die when using cellular phones while...