Car Ferry Hijacked! - a reflective statement that was written based on the simulation which is carried out during my class section.

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Car Ferry hijacked


In Car Ferry

1.Hijackers - militant member

2.Crew members





3.Air Force

4.Home Secretary (represent government)

Reporters A

Oil Refinery business people

Reporters B

Hostages' family members

My Role(one of the hostages):


You are POWELL

You are a passenger on the car ferry, now being held by hostage by the 'Green Action front' terrorists. You are a tourist on your way to spend a fortnight's holiday on Green Isle.

You believe that the only way to be released is to sympathize with the hijackers and be pleasant to them

Discuss the situation with your fellow-passengers. Decide on the best way to deal with the situation before you talk to the hijackers.


There are many times heard about terrorisms, hijackers and so on. I would never expect this time it really happened on me, and I had been held hostage by the 'Green Action Front' terrorists.

It was a nightmare for me!

A series of flashback that come into my mind, as far as I can recall, I was standing on the ferry at that time, enjoy the scenery of the sea. It was my first ferry ride to Green Isle. While I was marveling at the beauty of nature, suddenly my mouth was closed by a strong arm, I thought my friend was playing jokes with me and I try to struggle. But at last I know it wasn't what I think, I was caught by two guys with gun. I tried my best to shout for help and struggled, but it seems to be no much help. They threatened that if I didn't surrender, I might be shot. I had to face the fact that I was being caught, without knowing...