The Car of The Future

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The Future Of Cars

I predict that in the future that the car industry will continue to move forward toward a

cleaner environment and more affordable price range for 'green' cars. I believe that eco

friendly and ingenuitive vehicles will end up taking over the car industry. The all in one car

will drive it's way into the lives of citizens all over the world.

The fossil fuels we use to power so much of what we do are growing in price and

disappearing from Earth. At the beginning of this year on average gasoline prices were as

high as $9.89 (USD) per gallon in Turkey, with the United States average ($3.29/gallon)

coming in 21st.

Alternatively, hydrogen powered vehicles are safe and only give off water vapor

by­products. The science of these vehicles are simple: the pressurized hydrogen is stored

in tanks located at the top of the vehicle. The hydrogen combines with oxygen in layers of

thin electrolytic devices called fuel cells. Hydrogen nuclei are split from their electrons by a

catalyst membrane, at which point the ions go through the central membrane to bond with

oxygen on the cathode side and the electrons enter into a circuit that creates electricity,

concluding in powering the vehicle.

Already, in Iceland, there is a public bus company that uses only hydrogen power.

This company is made possible by the first public Hydrogen Fueling Station. In the future,

Iceland hopes to have all their cars running off of this technology, and as a result the rest of

the world will build off of its example and use this too.

Another way the future will improve cars is in their construction: they are made by

weave many carbon nano structures together and hardening it. Currently, not many cars

now use carbon fibers...