The car was a mess

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What a disaster their was ketchup all over the back seat and it

smelled like retting eggs. There was some goose guts all over the

windshield. You couldn't see out of the windshield if you tried. The trunk was full

of old smelly milk containers, tons of mud and dirt in the trunk,

garbage, and old melted chocolate bars. The front seat was broken; the seat

was mangled, big rip in the seat, yellow stains all over.

There was old stinky, and smelly, clothes in the passenger's seat that

smelled like they had been left in the car for months. The back

windshield is cracking in multiple spots. The windshield looked like it was going

to shatter; allot of spiders in the glass. The right side mirror was

painted red and it was impossible to see out of it. The right window in

the back seat was punched out or bullets were shot threw, in several

spots. The back seat was stained with mustard, pickles, and barbeque

sauce. There was a big Mac left in the back seat fresh, I could almost

taste the fresh meat grilled on a hamburger bun with pickles, tomatoes,

and lettuces. There were at least a hundred's of pieces of gum stuck to

the ceiling, green, red, blue, and white. The left side mirror had

green, yellow, and purple spray paint all over. The outside of the car

had millions of colors sprayed painted all over; front hood of the car,

drivers door, passenger's window, and the back bumper. As many colors

you could imagine it was on the car. The car made a loud crackling noise as

you opened each door. The doors were so rusty on the inside. The car looked

like it had been though the war. The steering wheel was...