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The Car Wash Though it may sound really simple to wash an automobile, just spraying the car with water, then soaping it, and then drying it will not fully complete the washing process. There is a simple yet easy process to washing your automobile correctly and also precautions to be aware of as you are doing so. There are about ten steps to follow. Following these steps will make your car washing experience a fun and enjoyable hobby.

The first thing you need to do is to check the weather conditions. The best weather condition to wash a car is when it is warm, dry, and there is a shaded where you will be washing the car. It has to be warm and dry so that you will not be shivering in the cold as you wash your car with cold water. The reason that a shaded area is needed is because it is better to be under the shade so those watermarks don?t dry off on the surface of the car before you get to them.

The next thing you need to do is have all the essential materials to do the job. The items that are needed are a medium bucket, a regular soft sponge, a small soft sponge, a chamois, two dry towels, a garden hose, and of course car washing soap. If you use another type of soap, it might not be able to clean it as well compared to car washing soap. Anyways, after gathering these various materials, place a good amount of soap into the empty medium bucket. Then spray some water into the bucket so that the soap lathers up.

Afterwards, spray the entire surface area of the automobile with water. Warning! If you can adjust the pressure of the garden hose...