Caracteristics of second language learning

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Characteristics of second language learning

Variability refers that the interlanguages ​​are changing, not only in the transition from one stage to the next, but also within the stage itself. This is due to the fact that the second language learner has no fixed rules to apply systematically at each stage: every second language learner does not have a unique style.

Fossilization is produced by a sufficient level of satisfaction of the communication needs of the subjects. This problem does special emphasis on the more grammatical aspects (inflectional morphology, verbal, complex syntactic structures) and rarely in aspects lexicon and semantics (vocabulary, expression and comprehension ability).

Involuntary Regression: this phenomenon is linked to the variability of interlanguage, based on its instability, and most often occurs when the student has to focus its efforts on issues that require more attention and concentration ability in tasks of higher level.

Transfer: is the exchange of the characteristics of pronunciation or syntactical structures of first language to the second language that you are learning, resulting in a large number of errors.

Levels of Second Language Learners.








Often incomprehensible.

Just go well memorized phrases; Does not handle grammar; Often communicates wrong information.

Limited to survive, travel and satisfy minimum necessities.

Every sentence requires a big effort, except some memorizes sentences.

Requires a lot of repetition and it has to be talked slowly; just understand simple and familiar phrases.


Foreign accent but generally understandable.

It handles more or less the basics things of grammar; generally communicates with simple sentences correct information.

Adequate for social conversation simple, and to routine in work.

Generally has a Little bit fluency, and normally it seems forced to keep silence thanks to its limitations of grammar and vocabulary.

Generally it understand when someone...