Cardiovascular Endurance

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Cardiovascular Endurance When the body can perform prolonged large-muscle, dynamic exercise at a moderate-to-high levels of intensity, it is known as cardiovascular endurance. We can measure cardiovascular endurance by taking our age and subtracting it from 220 and then multiplying the answer by 65%, and then 90%; your target heart rate zone(MHR) lies between these two results. Let us take me as an example: MHR= 220 - 19= 201 0.65 X 201= 131 bpm 0.90 X 201= 181 bpm Therefore my target zone, when exercising, would have to be between 131 beats per minute(bpm) and 181 bpm, going over my target zone would most likely cause injury.

We can also exercise safely by knowing how long our exercise should last and at what intensity we should be exercising at. It is important, when just starting out, to begin at a low-moderate intensity and gradually improve until we reach maximum intensity exercise.

The duration of exercise depends on the intensity, but lies betwen 20-60 minutes. Cardiovascular activities should be performed three times a week.

If you choose to do low-moderate intensity exercises such as swimming, it should last for 45-60 minutes; on the other hand if you do high intensity exercises like aerobic dance, the duration is only 20 minutes.

(1) (2) Running Shoes: Choosing the Right Pair Choosing the right pair of running shoes depends on many factors. Some factors which are quite important are: whether you are male or female, what type of physical activity you do, and most importantly what type of foot you have.

When buying new running shoes it is important to be aware of what type of foot you have. Feet have either a high, medium or low arch; to tell which type of arch you have you can "...wet the bottom of your...