How to care for rabbits.

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Rabbits are unique creatures, many people find them to be a menace, however they can make the most loving pets like cats and dogs. Rabbits can eat all kinds of fruit and vegetables such as apples, pears, banana, broccoli - even pineapple juice! However rabbits should not be fed a constant diet of lettuce. Lettuce has little nutritional value for rabbits, and a rabbit left to eat only lettuce will become malnourished and could die. However, rabbits should also eat commercial pellets and occasionally can be given treats like bread, sultanas and dry biscuits.

If you are not going to play with your rabbit, a playmate is ideal otherwise the rabbit is likely to get bored quite quickly. Two males will fight, as will two females so it is best to get one of each sex. However, make sure both the male and female are desexed as this will mean no territorial urinating - and most importantly, no unwanted babies!

Rabbits must always have a good supply of water on hand, as this will prevent dehydration or even death as particularly in summer, rabbits can drink up to a litre a day!

Lastly, rabbits enjoy having toys to play with such as shredded newspaper or pine cones.

Even pieces of cardboard and ping pong balls can act as great fun for rabbits. If your rabbit licks you, this is a sign of great affection which reveals that your rabbit trusts you and is not afraid to be around you (at first they will be very timid when approached).

Remember, treated well, rabbits can make great company and they do not need to be a pest. If you are willing to give your rabbit some love and affection, they will certainly return the favour.