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Running Head: Career Development Plan Summary

Career Development Plan Summary

Milton Ramos

University of Phoenix

HRM 531 Human Capital Management

Group: PA10MBA02

Instructor: Kristine Pak

May 3, 2010

Workshop 6, Assignment 6


Kudler Fine Foods operates three upscale specialty stores since 1998. Kudler Fine Foods founder, Kathy Kudler successfully turned a hobby and passion into a successful business enterprise, breaking a profit that permitted for expansion within the first year of operation. Kathy's mission is to provide customers the ability purchase the finest gourmet organic foods, in stores staffed with helpful and knowledgeable staff (Kudler Fine Foods, 2007). Kudler's business objective is to provide products with the highest quality at any cost, attracting customers who understand gourmet food, high quality products and are willing to pay more for product quality and service.

Kudler Fine Foods business strategy for 2007 concentrated on growth by expanding services, improving efficiencies, and customer loyalty (Kudler Fine Foods, 2007) and did not include a strategy for employee development or handling strategic restructuring to meet the organizational goals.

Kudler Fine Foods is autocratically structured in which the decision power is established in the top level of management, exclusively with Kathy Kudler. Kudler foods structure is set so that important decisions from strategy, human resources management to food selection are performed through tight controls and procedures handled personally by Kathy. Market changes, the increase work load for Kathy in managing three stores and the declining sales to one of the stores have resulted in the need to restructure the organization to manage effectively the changing conditions and meet organizational goals. To meet the objective the team will identify five new positions, implement training programs, develop or improve the performance evaluation process for new and existing employees, and recommend a...