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There are many qualities I have learned about myself that I can apply to a human resource career. I enjoy learning and believe that a human resource position will always give me the option to further build my career. I have good judgment and a large dose of direction which is an important trait to succeed in a HR position. According to my assessment, I have good communication and learning skills which is also important with any HR profession. With individuals I can be diplomatic allowing myself to deal with different personalities in human resource. I enjoy problem solving and learning about law. The rest of the paper will go more in depth about education, opportunities, and other attributes in a human resource career.

The human resources field has a wide scale of position and duties with each having their own assignments. Many different career choices can be derived from this degree.

Here are a few select positions and a short summary of duties involved with each specific human resource degree:

Director of human resources- The director of human resources is a higher level manager who supervises multiple departments each containing a resources manager.

Employment and placement manager- This position supervises the hiring and separation of employees, while recruiting and placing select candidates to various positions.

Occupational Analysts- A human resource analysts conveys research to large firms with information concerning the effects and trends in worker relationships.

Compensation Manager- A compensation manager creates and controls a company's pay system. This individual is responsible for ensuring fair employee wage along with comparing wages with other companies. Also involved in the pay role this person may create a reward system based on an evaluation.

Human resource salary varies with each employee based on the level of experience, positional knowledge, location, firm size,