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This report is being generated to specify the Career Management Plan for the new employees of Interclean. Attached you will find a performance review sheet which will be used to access the employees. I will then move on to cover the following six areas feedback, performance, opportunities and advancement, flexible opportunities for dual career parents, teams diversity, providing justification identifying benefits and types of cost. These topics will be addressed as they are presented above.

Feed back -Interclean appreciates all sales and training efforts and to show their commitment to their employee's development they will review all contracts before final approval and provide constructive feedback relating to the improvement made between each sales invoice. Interclean will expect most of their feedback to be positive as they know they have a talented sales force. However it is inevitable that at times there will be negative feedback and this feedback will be handled with the intention to improve performance as "all to often negative feedback has the opposite effect and undermines subsequent performance" (Remus).

All feedback will be in writing and a copy furnished to the employee. By no means should this feedback be construed as critical, but rather only to support the success of the team. Interclean would like this communication process to be a two way street and encourages all employees and teams to make comments, and suggestions as needed. All comments and suggestions will be reviewed and discussed during the next review conducted. Interclean will also continue to perform annual performance appraisal reviews, this yearly review will be the official record and during the yearly appraisal we recommend that you participate by conducting a individual evaluation to bring for discussion.

How will Interclean help the employees reach a higher level of performance -By using feedback Interclean expects to gain...