A Career as a Marriage

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A career is defined as the, "progress through life, especially in work, or an occupation with opportunities for promotion." (Oxford Pocket School Dictionary) One's vocational path is an important part in an individual's life. A career is much like a marriage. In a marriage there are two partners that must work together in order to ensure success. The same can be said of a career. The relationship is employer and employee, rather than husband and wife, but the elements of any relationship remain.

In order for there to even be a marriage, there is first the courting process, more commonly known as dating. Dating includes various activities between couples, where they are able to get better acquainted with one another. Common activities include, going out for dinner, seeing a movie or a play, getting coffee (note: this is separate from going out for a meal), mini-golf or another form of light-hearted sport.

During this process the couple is able to get to know one another on a more personal basis, see if they are compatible, and more importantly, impress each other. In order for either person in the relationship to even ponder marriage, they must be moderately impressed by their partner. Theses impressions are made through the use of flashy material items and false promises. Once a couple has impressed each other enough to actually get married they sign a contract (sometimes a pre-nup too), and take a long vow to legally declare they have entered a bond that can only be broken by divorce lawyers.

Like a marriage, there is also a courting process when beginning a career. The only difference is that the process is called an interview and takes maybe an hour, rather than a few years. Much liked dating; the interview allows the employer to...