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If I were to choose three careers I would most like to get into it would be a firefighter, chef, or beta-tester. My reason for choosing these three fields is very simple, these are the fields that interest me the most. A firefighter has an aspect of thrill and would give me a chance to save peoples lives. A chef would let me indulge in my passion for cooking and a beta tester would let me do what I enjoy most... playing video games.

A firefighter is probably the career I will most likely go into. It requires an EMT certification, paramedic certification, and completion of the fire academy. Starting salary for a rookie firefighter in Hillsborough county is $30,000 dollars. If I were to get a position in the city fire department starting pay would be about $36,000-40,000 dollars. The main reason I would like to be a firefighter is because it is exciting, flux, and would give me a chance to save peoples lives.

The one draw back to firefighting is that in order to save someone's life you have to put your own on the line.

Another career that I am considering is a chef. My personal passion is cooking . I feel that I would enjoy being a chef and this would make my life very happy. Professional Culinary school is about $25,000-50,000 dollars. This price on education is a large problem considering my financial background. If I choose this profession I could take out a student loan to pay for my education, but a chefs' starting salary is about $25,000 to $30,000 dollars. It would be very hard to pay back my student loan. I would be working indoors, but under a hot stove. This would not be very comfortable. I would have...