The Career of a Public Relations Officer

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The Career of a Public Relations Officer

Marketing has always been an interest of mine. Whether I'm the one buying, or the one selling, I have always found the process fascinating. My interest could be detected all the way back to the opening day of my lemonade stand in the first grade. With this it mind, it goes without saying that the career path of my choice has always been in the marketing department. After doing some research, I found that the job of a Public Relations (PR) officer would be most suitable for me.

Combining the social elements of this job with the marketing concepts makes this job perfectly ideal for someone who is as socially-inclined as I am. The role of a PR is to create a good image for the company they are representing. In order to do this they must know what their consumers are like, so once they begin advertising they will know who they are targeting.

The officers are also in charge of arranging events such as fund raisers, or trade shows, so that the public and certain people can meet the company. To get the company maximum exposure, they attend important events, radio shows, and make as many public appearances as possible. Above all other tasks, PR officers have simply one goal: To put a face to the company they are representing.

To succeed in this career, you have to know how to develop relationships with important people by having a high level of social contact. That way, should you need their assistance in advertising, they would more than happy to assist you. As with many other careers, it is crucial to be organized and know how to prioritize your tasks. This comes to use when arranging events, representing clients, consulting with advertising...