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Mike Jensen Davis Section Blue Career Plan Entertainment Industry As technology plays an increasing role in the entertainment industry the need for people with the skills to create unbelievable special effects and harness the power of the computer becomes greater. There are several areas in which technology has improved upon the entertainment industries ability to wow their customers. From special effects created by computer generated imaging that allow a movie producer to bring dinosaurs back to life to the huge databases needed to create 3D sports events allowing fans to watch a game from any angle. One of the primary attractions of this industry for me is the huge influence it has on our society. The ability of television and movies to introduce radical ideas to the public and change how we perceive these ideas is very powerful. It allows people to use their imaginations, where nothing is impossible and no expense is spared in telling a story.

Another benefit of this industry is its ability to strive even during economic downturns. It presents an escape from the harsh realities of life, which can be overbearing, if even for a couple of hours. This gives a good amount of stability to the industry as a whole where creativity is focused on and chance of slow or negative growth is very low. There is also an air of excitement that comes with working in the entertainment industry, which gives almost any aspect of what you may be doing no matter how simple a sort of flair.

Another perk to working in this industry is the possibility to meet and work with some of the most creative and interesting people in our society. I see movie directors, screenwriters and actors as the poets and writers of the 21st Century touching our lives...