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The symbolic interaction integrationist defines society as the sum of the interactions of individuals and groups according to Social Problems in a diverse society by Diana Kendall. (Kendall 2010)

The Person Blame Approach seeks to explain deficiencies within the individual; it is defined by (Stanley Eitzen n.d.) as the assumptions that social person problems results from the pathologies of the individual. Therefore this means that the individual is to blame.

Cultural Deprivation is one deficiency found within the person blame approach. Cultures are created by the values and norms in society, and are the 'cause' of social problems. As a result an individual suffers from cultural deprivation due to lack of or the absences of certain norms and values in their upbringing. For example a student, who performs poor at school, is judged to have parents who speak poor English or they are uneducated.

Theorist Herbert Blumer stated," Human society is to be seen as consisting of acting people, and the life of the society is to be seen as consisting of their actions" (Linda A Mooney n.d.).

Therefore the individual's social construction of reality depends on the meaning given to these actions. It is defined as the process by which a person's perception of reality is shaped largely by the subjective meaning that they give to an experience. (Stanley Eitzen n.d.)

One way experiences are created is due to the social class an individual belongs to. The social class is an example of a social construction entity, and they vary within society; thereby influencing peoples' belief and behaviour. The social problem occurs when one social class is seen as inferior when compare to another class in society.

While the System Blame Approach seeks to explain deficiencies within the social structure. It refers according to (Stanley Eitzen...