Caring for the Kenia

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Imagine taking your kid to go fishing with you at one of the local rivers ( Kenai river, Kasilof river, or the Anchor river) and there are so many tourist and other local fishermen crowding the river banks that there's no room for you and your kid to fish, without bumping into other people around you.

Currently one of the greatest complaints of local fishermen is the over crowding of our rivers, particularly during tourist season, which happens to be the entire summer. Many claim that the crowding is so extreme that it is often not safe for them to fish their own river anymore. By creating lagoons in the general area of the mouth of the river, ( with in ten miles ), many fishermen who wanted to harvest a king or silver, or sockeye could choose to go to a public lagoon to harvest their fishing instead, and paying a minimal fee.

This would relieve pressure of local and visiting fishermen on the rivers. Fees collected from this could then be used to continue maintenance of the lagoon and excess proceeds go to projects to improve the river system, which they are adjacent to. (Kenai river, Kasilof river, and Anchor river).

Through the development of the fishing lagoons, similar to Homer's Fishing Hole we can also address some of our publics needs that haven't been addressed yet like; food for the hungry, and education opportunities for our children. As each fish species returns to the lagoons, the public would be allowed to fish for these, but prior to the fish becoming so aged as to be undesirable for food, we could seine the lagoon harvesting all the remaining fish and donating this to charities like the food bank, or retirement homes. As these...