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Carl Jung

Shayla Cummins

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The founder of Analytical Psychology was a Swiss psychiatrist named Carl Gustav Jung who was born in 1875 and became famous during the 20th century. Jung is famous for the founding of analytical psychology and for the work he did with other famous psychologists like Sigmund Freud, William James, and John Dewey. In this research paper I will outline Carl Jung's childhood life through adulthood, the zeitgeist of Jung career, his other works, and ultimately his legacy analytical psychology.

Jung's Personal Life

Carl Gustav Jung was born in 1875 in a village in Switzerland to his father Paul Achilles Jung, a minister, and to his eccentric mother, Emilie Preiswerk. His Mother suffered from emotional disorders that ran through the maternal side of the family (Shultz & Shultz p.324). His family had a long line of spiritual ties with clergymen on his father side and on his mother's side there were rumors of spiritual abilities.

(Finlay 2000) His personality took after his mother's and related with "mystical aspects of his mother's family and had a lifelong fascination with spiritualism and the occult" (Finlay 2000). As Jung was growing up, he was a very quiet and introspective child, which he overcame to become a very successful student and eventually graduated from the University of Basel in 1900 with a medical degree.

Later in his life, Jung held a few high positions in different jobs, from head psychiatrist at the mental hospital Burgholzi Clinic to the President of the International General Medical Society for Psychotherapy to aiding the Office of Strategic Services for the United States (Jung 2013). In between working in the hospital he married the 2nd richest heiress in Switzerland, Emma Rauschenbach to focus on his...