Is Carl Matt, the central character of the novel, A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove,' by James Moloney, the only character to experience change?

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In the novel “A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove” by James Maloney, three characters change dramatically. Through the guidance and people around them they change. I disagree that Carl is the only character in the novel that changes because I notice many changing in both Skip and Maddie Duncan.

In the novel, Carl is shy and very self conscious. From a very young age, his life is full of sadness and conflict. His negative up bringing, had a major effect on him and seemed to cause most of his problems. He never knew what it was like to have a family that was always there, seeing as his father didn’t stick around for long, “… gallop did what his name predicted. He took off when Carl was three years old.” (Page 3) His mother would also leave him unexpectedly. Early in the story, his mother abandons the three children.

Carl’s sister, Sarah, took off over seas leaving the two boys, Carl and Harley, with their aunt, Beryl. Beryl argued with Sarah about having the boys, “yes there my brothers but there your nephews, it’s your turn. What if mum never comes back? I’m nineteen years old. I’ve got my own life. By the time Harley’s old enough to take care of himself I’ll be thirty!” (Page 10) From when the boys arrive in Wattle Beach, they are verbally and physically abused by Beryl. There was really nothing either of them could say, because Beryl would kick them out with no where to go. When Harley is chained up by both Beryl and Bruce, a sudden change is seen in Carl. He stands up for himself and Harley, “… you’re not putting him on that chain anymore. Do you hear me? No more. You won’t hit him, you won’t even...