Carl Matt is the only one that changes throughout the novel, 'A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove', by James Moloney, do you agree?

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Carl Matt was not the only one that changes throughout the novel, "A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove," by James Maloney. Carl is a 15 year old teenager that has had a tough life. Destiny leads him to Wattle Beach where he experiences many changes. While he is in Wattle Beach, he meets Skip Duncan who also changes. Skip was a really judgemental person and who was very unhappy. His interactions with Carl lead to major changes in his life. Maddie Duncan, Skip's daughter, also changes in the novel. The novel introduces us to the idea that people are able to change to over come difficult lives.

Carl Matt was a shy boy who had a low self esteem at the start of the novel, but towards the end he changes and becomes more open towards people.

At the start of the novel Carl Matt was very shy, scared, sad and frightened.

I believe that Carl Matt's childhood wasn't as good as others such as his friends (Justine and Maddie) Carl Matt's mum always left them but always same back. "No. Don't make such a drama out of it, Carl. She's deserted us, that's all. For good this time. Probably living in somewhere, happy as a lark without us." (pg 5).After his mother had left them Sarah his sister had looked after Carl and Harley matt. But then Sarah decided to go on a holiday, and left Carl and Harley with there aunt Beryl in wattle Beach. "Yes, they're my brothers but they're your nephew. It's your turn. What if mum never comes back? I'm 19 years old. I've got my own life. By the time Harleys old enough to look after him self, I'll be 30." (pg 10).Carl Matt was always sad, and very shy he always...