The Carl Robins Conundrum

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Case Study COMM/215 August 29, 2014 Grady Box


In the case of Carl Robins at ABC, Inc., it has been clearly noted that numerous mistakes have been by Carl Robins, and perhaps Monica Carrolls as well. It has been observed that Carl Robins has demonstrated a lack of leadership skills, poor preparedness and organizational skills, and improper time management. As for Monica Carrolls, it is understood that at the very least she could and should have been more involved in the decisions and actions of Carl Robins during his first attempt at recruitment. It is very clear that Monica Carrolls was negligent in her supervision of the actions of Carl Robins, and that Carl Robins was negligent in his duties as a campus recruiter. The following analysis will give insight on how to resolve the situation created by the involvement of Carl Robins, and lack thereof Monica Carrolls.

After much consideration, it has been determined that the best solution to be offered would be to schedule weekly meetings between office personnel and incorporate a training program for all employees in all positions. This training program should be significantly prioritized and all employees should be evaluated. "Training shouldn't be done just for the sake of doing it. To ensure quantifiable results, it is essential to analyze what skills employees are lacking and what business results are desired." (Andrea W. Johnson) Though this does not solve the current problem, it is a step in the right direction so as not to have a repeat of this current situation. As for the current dilemma, the best course of action I can offer is to instruct Carl Robins and Monica Carrolls both to immediately begin to reschedule orientations and find another suitable facility in which to proceed with said orientations. Carl Robins...