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Carl August Sandburg was born on January 6, 1878. He was born

to August and Clara Sandburg. His father was a hard workingman and loved his family very much. He wasn't the best father in the whole world though. He wasn't very affectionate and some would say he wasn't able to raise Carl Sandburg and his sister correctly. His father could not read or write English so he was forced to sign his name with an "X." He could read Swedish and he devoured his Bible constantly. August Sandburg only made fourteen cents an hour working in the "Q" day after day. The "Q" was the nickname for the Quincy Railroad. August Sandburg worked hard to make money to support his family and live a peasant's life.

Where his father may have not been the most affectionate father and may have left ends untied when it came to raising young Carl Sandburg, his mother was right there to fill those voids.

Clara Sandburg was a very loving and affectionate lady and she cared very much about her kids and their well-being. Clara Sandburg always encouraged Carl Sandburg to do well in school and to learn to read and write.

When Sandburg attended elementary school he began to sign his name Charles A. Sandburg because he believed it to sound more American than the name he was given from his parents. His dad, however, couldn't pronounce Charles so he did the best he could do and called him "Sharley." His friends picked up the nickname "Cully" and Sandburg had himself a nickname that would stick with him until he finished college.

Sandburg left school after eighth grade to work at odd jobs. Some of these jobs were less than enjoyable. After he enlisted into the service, and was discharged, Sandburg received...