Carl Sandburg:Artist and Poet of the 1900's Comments: My teacher asked me for a strict analysis of Carl Sandburg not necessarily a biography.

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Carl August Sandburg:Artist and Poet of the 1900's

Carl Sandburg, a poet of the early 1900's, wrote about Chicago, war, and other witty, simple facts of life. Born to two poor Swedish immigrants he decided early on this poor lifestyle was unfitting, and so he quit school at the age of thirteen to get a job in journalism. He was twenty-four when he received his first job as a journalist in Milwaukee. This gave him the drive he needed to become a successful poet which better fit his way of life.

Sandburg grew up in the countryside of Illinois in the small town of Galesburg. He was a Lombard College graduate who worked in many fields beyond journalism. He served in the Spanish-American War, and became a firefighter, truck driver, barbershop porter, house painter, movie director, and even held a political job as the mayor's secretary. Because he accomplished all of this and then began to look into his real passion, writing, he had all of this as his past to influence his poetry.

His other influence was his childhood. He grew up learning to take nothing for granted, and shared the little he had with seven other siblings. This experience made him write about ordinary people and their everyday lives.

Carl Sandburg was unknown to the world of literature until a collection of his poems was featured in a poetry magazine. Two years later his real breakthrough was made when he published a book called Chicago Poems. In these free verse poems he used phrases like "Of my city" to describe his connection with Chicago. He wrote folk songs, Abraham Lincoln's biography, and his autobiography to complete his journalism career. When Sandburg was at the brink at his career, he felt he needed to slow down. This is...