Carlos Gardel: El Zorzal Criollo

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Carlos Gardel: El Zorzal Criollo

Carlos Gardel es uno de figuras más importantes en la cultura latinoamericana. El popularizó Tango, un tipo de la música anteriormente sólo escuchó por la clase más baja. Gardel era también el primer de cantarlo. Antes de su carrera, era sólo un La forma de instumental de la música; no vocal fueron utilizados jamás.

It is thought that Carlos Gardel was born Charles Romuald Gardès on Dec. 11, 1980 in Toulouse, France to Paul Lasserre (1866-1921) and Berthe Gardes (1865-1943), although some other sources suggest Tacuarembó, Uruguay. It is undisputed, however, that he moved to Buenos Aires with his mother Berthe Gardes, in 1893. "He later changed the spelling of his name and became an Argentinian citizen in 1923." His mother brought him to Argentina when he was about 2 years old. Growing up, he was very poor.

Gardel has began his career singing in bars and parties.

In 1913 he formed a duet with José Razzano (which would last until 1925), singing a wide variety of folk songs. "They recorded a total of 770 theme, including 514 tangos"

Gardel put his own unique spin on tango music by inventing the tango-song, with his 1917 hit "Mi Noche Triste." The introduction of lyrics into the tango- formerly an instrumental genre- set a new trend and eventually turned Gardel into the most important singer of his time. The now-sung tango used Argentine urban slang (lunfardo) to describe everyday common people's struggles and emotions like, a lover's misery at finding out he's been betrayed by his beloved one, bragging about his macho exploits, and to portray in great detail, with a mixture of melancholy and pride, the daily life of his "home town", the city of Buenos Aires.

Gardel's popularity grew steadily during the first part of...