Carlos Marcello: Anti authority.

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Carlos Marcello: The ultimate counter-culture figure

Carlos Marcello is the definition of anti-authority and culture. He heavily contributed to the demoralization and destruction to society. Carlos was born on Feb. 6, 1910. No one truly knows where Carlos was first born, due to his false records stating he was born in Guatemala. However, it has been assumed he was born in Tunis, North Africa. His original name was Cologero Minacore. As he came to America he resided in New Orleans and gave himself the name Carlos Marcello.

As a late teenager he began to get heavily involved in crime. Carlos was first arrested at the young age of nineteen. He was arrested for robbing a bank. Carlos was always prepared for court battles, and always had himself a good lawyer. Having an expensive lawyer got Carlos off of all charges of robbing a bank in New Orleans. Carlos's luck ran out the following year.

He was tried for assault and robbery. Carlos was convicted and was supposed to serve a sentence of nine years, yet he only served five years. After that, Carlos had stayed out of jail for several years. Then in 1938, Carlos had a huge problem on his hands. He was caught selling 23 pounds of narcotics. Although the sentence was supposed to be several years, Carlos had it dwindled down to a ten month charge and a 78,000 dollar fine. As soon as Carlos had gotten out of jail he became well acquainted with Frank Costello, the head of the New York mafia. By the time Carlos was thirty-five, things had begun to pick up. Carlos managed the entire New Orleans gambling business and became the New Orleans mafia leader. He held that job for the next thirty years.

In the year 1959, Carlos...