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Carnivalesque is a termed that was introduced by the Russian critic Mikhail Bakhtin. His term refers to a literary mode that turns around and liberates assumptions of a dominant lifestyle through humor and chaos. Through carnival, dominant idea s and forms of power are turned over and the social stigmas disappear. Through the movie V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue a Carnivalesque theme underlies within the plot, since V (Hugo Weaving) the main character creates a coup d etat against the totalitarian regime England in the year 2038.

V for Vendetta starts in a rather unusual way. Everyone is watching TV in London, and everyone seem s to having fun. Everyone without exceptions is watching the state-run TV channel which is broadcasting a fun and entertaining show. It is a show similar to that of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in which the President of the country is giving a monologue.

In this futuristic England, everything is state-owned, and everyone is involved in some way or another to the government. However, many people detest the government due to the fact that since they took control, there has been no sense of humor within the country; rather everyone is just fearful of the government, and of what they say. Freedom of speech does not exist in this modern London.

This totalitarian society takes a major twist when V, and a TV presenter start to make fun of the government. During a time of major political tension, a TV presenter broadcasts a show in which he makes fun of the president, and shows him as a stupid and clumsy person. Consequently, the government goes after the TV presenter, and soon he is imprisoned. This action on behalf of the government, pissed off V, and as a result he organized a rebellion...