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Caroline Hwang essay is a perfect example of someone expressing thieir feeling and sending the message out that Growing up in between two cultures is a difficult life style to forfill. I can relate with Hwang When she say's "children are living paradoxes" it reminded me a lot about my own life, and how I migrated here from Mexico at the age of two. Though I have lived in America for more that19 years, I am still trying to fulfill everyone's expectations of me. It's sort of like the movie "Selina" when her dad says "we have to twice as smart, we have to prove to the American's how American we are, and we have to show the Mexican's how Mexican we are.

"The Good Daughter" (p.15) is a Short story about an American born female whose heritage is from Korea. Her family had moved from Korea to the United States in hopes for a better life for their daughter.

While raising an American daughter they at the same time want he to keep her true identity of Korean. She finds it hard to fulfill to both her parents and the Americans In line 14-16, Hwang writes "They do not see that I straddle two cultures, nor that I feel displaced in the only country I know. I identify with Americans, but Americans do not identify with me."