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Thomas Savoie III

Mr. Russell - Louisiana Tech University

DE English 101

October 22, 2014

Essay #3

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Super PACs

Super Pacs should not be considered freedom of speech issues because they are unequal opportunities for supporters to fund their candidate. Those that do not have sufficient funds should not be penalized from giving support to a candidate because they cannot afford to do so. Super Pacs are harming United States politics by creating elevated campaign efforts for the people supported by Super Pacs, while others are not getting as much widespread support and publicity. This creates unequal campaign efforts leaving some citizens misinformed.

The first problem with Super Pacs is the fact that people have unfair opportunities just because they know people. Just because you know people with a lot of money does not mean you are qualified over others who do not have such privileges. Money has always been a problem in society and it will continue to be for a very long time.

With the inequality of money distribution the way it is society will never be in agreement with anything concerning money.

Another problem with Super Pacs is that people can just buy their way into politics leaving others who are equally (if not more) qualified for the position. This upsets people who do not have the money to get who they believe deserve to be in that position. This can be a freedom of speech issue because the fact that not everyone's voice is equal due to money rank. In today society people tend to think that if they have more money than they have more say than those who have little or no money.

That opens up a whole different argument to the issue. The top 1% of the nation's highest incomers make...