Carpetman's Song By Farrell Foreman

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Carpetman's Song

The serious tone in Carpetman's Song begins in the first paragraph where he describes himself as internally being many people as far as nationality goes, while still being only one person. He can also be flexible with people such as compromising with them to come up with solutions in everyday life. He is a strong person but can be soft at times in personality and in physical appearance.

He sees himself as a grown up man, but reminds himself of the kid within. And there is his past that is in him, where he is young and innocent underneath his present day self. He is playful and has a sense of humor, but can easily be taught new things if he wants. It takes a long time for him to make a move in his life, but feels as though his life is staying still. People think they know him because of his family life with him, but they don't know whom he is inside.

This tone of Carpetman's Song is letting people know where he comes from and he is a very knowledgeable man inside and out.

The imagery in Carpetman's Song gives a sense of touch and sight, such as the phrases "cold heated tepid warm yellow blue red At once hard as granite malleable as clay." These phrases are giving us the imagery of how his life at times was confusing. He could be strong but also vulnerable. The color yellow represents his being calm, blue being relaxed, and red gives us the sense of anger. This expresses his feelings that were in him while growing up. From the phrase "Tone muscled and jostled fat," we get the sense of being a strong man even though his life was hard and unforgiving at...