Carpinteria Salt Marsh and Lagoon

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CarpinteriaSalt Marsh and Lagoon

Almost everybody in the world is chased by time. Moreover, there are people who live in highly sophisticated urbanized "cage" where they have no alternative way of releasing their stresses and concerns. In this case, people should visit the CarpinteriaSalt Marsh and Lagoon reserves; where there are cool salty lagoons intermingled with patches of organic life-forms. The reserve is welcome to all who wish to further investigate the fascinating interactions between people and nature that belies within the Carpinteria reserve.

The Carpinteria salt marsh reserve is located on the coast of the city of Carpinteria in the Santa Barbara County in Southern California. As stated to Ferren, Jr.'s journal on Carpinteria Salt marsh reserves, Carpinteria salt marsh and lagoon reserve is exactly located at 34°24' N (latitude) and 119°31'W (longitude) (Ferren, Jr. 13). Its location by the shore provides fertile farmland around the area.

Not only that, the Carpinteria salt Marsh and Lagoon, is affected by the Mediterranean Climate. The Mediterranean Climate is the common weather in Californian coastal wetlands. It has a hot, drought summer and rainy winter. Carpinteria is consisted of intermingled with salty rivers that are affected by the sea and patches of land, filled with prospering plant and animal organism. Now it is served as both flood control channels, and one of University California's Natural Resource systems, allowing students and professors to pursue frequent researches done in the area. Surprisingly, before the arrival of immigrants from Europe, the Native Americans have settled in the Carpinteria area in about 7300 years ago and started farming in the 1880s. It is probable that the Native Americans grew maize and corn, beans, squash, melons, etc in this region (Prindle, NativeTech). According to the NRCS Pilot Study, the Native's agricultural development was...