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Raphael & Caravaggio Compare & Contrast

Caravaggio and Raphael compare and contrast deposition of Christ. Caravaggio's deposition of Christ painting was quite a bit more detailed in some spots. Such as Christ's body has much more muscle definition. Along with the people that are moving him into the tomb, their clothes are highly detail compared to Raphaels people. Also the ground that these people are standing on is more like a flat platform. Raphael's painting on the other hand has a background were as Caravaggio's painting is just black.

Raphaels painting has the crosses in the background and the tomb that they are carrying Jesus into. Also in Raphael's painting there is substantially more people helping and holding Jesus as they carry him into the tomb. In Caravaggio's painting theres is no set area in which they are carrying him to but at that time everyone knew that they were taking him to his tomb.

Both of the paintings have a lot of detail but Caravaggio's is much more crisp and clear. Raphaels painting on the other hand is clear to what it's showing but its not crisp. The different times are very clear on these two paintings. In Caravaggio's painting there seems to be a nun in the background and in Raphael's painting there is no nun. The things that are the same in these paintings are that Christ is falling in the arms of the people that are carrying him. Jesus must have been very heavy after he died. Also in both paintings two people are carrying him one under his armpits and one at his knees. Another thing is that they are both on flat ground not on a hill or something. The other thing is...