Carribean immigrants in New York City

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Have you ever watched the Eddie Murphey movie titled "Coming to America"? Well if you have you will have an insight into what life is like for immigrants settling in the United States, especially those from the Caribbean. Each year thousands and thousands of Caribbean immigrants come to the United States. Immigrants from the Caribbean experience a lot of changes in their lives when living in the United States. Many experience having to adapt to a new life and the process one must go through to remain in the U.S. Much to their advantage, some immigrants that come here also become successful. The United States is a place of opportunity and democracy for those who seek it. You can hear the story of the Caribbean immigrants told best by authors of books and web-based studies.

What exactly is an immigrant? I asked around and some people described immigrants as foreigners who are given the right to reside in a country, others describe immigrants as people who are not citizens who come to a new country to live.

They were all right. If you look up immigrant in the dictionary it says, a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence (Collegiate Dictionary). We can put immigrants into two different groups, the new immigrants and the old immigrants. New immigrants are those that have arrived after 1965. " 'Old' Immigrants were overwhelmingly European whereas today's new arrivals come mainly from the Third World, especially the West Indies, Latin America, and Asia" (Nancy Foner 2). Immigrants are not only what people describe but they can also be broken down further into new and old. The quote basically states that for us.

The Caribbean Immigrants that come here originate from many different places in the Caribbean. Some Caribbean immigrant groups...