Carrie Nation

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Carrie Nation

Carrie Nation was a woman who really believed that the consumption of alcohol caused all of our nations problems. She ended up doing anything that she could to get the attention of the press, and get more people to notice her cause. She had a horrid habit of attacking and destroying saloons with a hatchet or another item that was capable of mass damage. She did this followed by her supporters that were mostly women, who believed in "carrying the nation into sobriety", just as much as she Carrie did herself. Even though this seems crazy and a bit extreme carrie and her followers had good reasons for doing what they did.

It was no lie that the over consumption of alcoholic beverages was becoming a major issue for the United States. Problems like family abuse and poverty arose. This happened because the men would all go out and drink their money away.

When they came home they tended to beat their children and wives. This happened back when there were no domestic violence laws to be heard of, so what happened to the families was not illegal in any way. The police could do nothing about domestic violence and back then people did not get divorced. The women were forced to deal with their irresponsible husbands and that is what I think drove Carrie to start this crusade of destroying bars as well along with thousands more women and children.

When Carrie was much younger when she married a man who was a severe alcoholic. This is what probably started to set her mind on the track of "alcohol is all wrong and bad". Carrie had a daughter with him but then eventually left because his condition was worsening to the point of her child being...