Carter Takes on an Economic Nightmare

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When Carter entered presidency, he was faced with many problems within his first two months until the very end of his presidency. The main preoblems I

wish to focus on are as follows: The rise of unemployment, The increase of

inflation, and the energy crisis.

All of these problems were very difficult to handle, because each of them

were linked in one way or another to each other. The way Mr. Carter handled

these things were indeed the reason he was beaten out of office in 1980 by

Reagan and Bush.

Many of the domestic problems were ignored by Carter at first, because a

focus on foreign affairs was being established. Within a short period of time

people were complaining that he was 'too heavily occupied with foreign affairs'.

They claimed that he was neglecting the increasingly seriou domestic problems,

particularly unemployment, inflation, and energy, although there were other

economic problems at the time as well.

The Reason's for the Economy's Condition

There were several reason's for the economy's situation.

As I stated earlier, all three of these problems are linked. One influencing

both of the others, and vice versa. It was almost as though one small economic flaw created a much larger problem in many other areas.

We could say that the recession of 1972 was the main cause, because that was a period of time in which the nation never really recovered from up to Carter's presidential term.

When Carter entered office, he entered it while the nation was on a

downslide. This resulted in somewhat of a snowball effect, and happened more

rapidly because Carter had not had plans of solving individual problems upon

entering his presidency. The snowball effect happened as the unemployment went up. This caused lack of gasoline and other resources. The two...