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The increase in volume at Cartwright-Porter Airport has increased the stress level for maintenance workers. This is according to a employee satisfaction survey conducted and prepared by the Prindle Group as a part of an ongoing study on workplace technology and stress.

According to the survey, which questioned Airport maintenance personnel are feeling more stressed with the increase in workload. As an human resources manager, I am responsible for the amicable resolution of this and other issues.

Recognizing the different stressors within the organization and providing guidance for recommendations or solutions. I have experienced some level of stress with increased workloads in the past. A prime example was the fact that the workers feel overburden by the workload and do not get adequate time to recover between tasks. This could be resolved by implementing the "Breakout Zone" which would provide an ideal environment for personnel to unwind between tasks. The other recommendation would be cash rewards and paid vacations which are tangible rewards that have an instant effect on employee motivation and performance.

These incentives would have a direct result on reducing stress levels.

Cartwright -Porter Airport has realized the importance of dealing with stress before it becomes a major issue, so a budget has been allocated to address the various stressors around the organization and implementing solutions. This budget includes funding for both short term recommendations which would actively diffuse the high levels of stress resulting from excessive workloads. It is likely to ensure That the personnel will feel more relaxed and alert while they are performing their tasks. By introducing a exercise regimen to counter stress levels among maintenance personnel. Since performing maintenance tasks requires a high level of physical agility and mental alertness and an exercise regimen will definitely go a long way in achieving these goals.