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Queen Elizabeth I Purpose Sentence: The purpose of this report is to give information about Queen Elizabeth I.

Introduction I. Queen Elizabeth was very great and she shouldn't be mistaken for her great popularity.

II. The mood of the times in England made it hard to believe that a woman was in power.

Transitional Sentence: There are three points on Queen Elizabeth I life to share in this report.

Discussion I. Queen Elizabeth I had a tough childhood.

A. She was born on September 7, 1553.

B. She was the daughter of Henry VII.

C. She had gone through six mothers before she died.

D. Her father died when she was 14.

II. Queen Elizabeth I was a great monarch of England.

A. Elizabeth was a hard working monarch, who got a lot done.

B. Everyone in the public liked that she was queen.

C. One of her basic problems in monarching was nobody knew her religion.

III. Queen Elizabeth I had a tragic death.

A. She died on March 24, 1603.

B. She died in her sleep because of her age.

C. She died when she was 69 years of age.

D. She was very lonely when she died.

E. Before she died she gave her spot on the throne to James VI of Scotland.

Conclusion I. Queen Elizabeth I reigned for 44 years and 4 months.

II. Everybody was sad to see her go because she was a great queen.